Styling Your Faux Locs

At first glance, you are drawn in by the flawless locs. Faux locs are a protective hairstyle that appears intricate at first glance. However, with the proper styling techniques and tools we provide you with in our HC Locs Kit, you are well on your way to creating stunning eclectic styles with your faux locs. You don't need complicated styles to up your look; the basic styling methods are enough. Keep scrolling to find out some of our favourite and popular ways of styling your faux locs:

Big Beehive energy

1. Big Beehive energy

Just as the name implies, this hairstyle resembles a beehive. This style looks tricky, but it is easier to create. To start with, place a big elastic band or ponytail holder on your wrist. Then, lean forward so you will be able to gather your faux locs at the crown of your head. After gathering the locs, twist them as if you were wringing a towel. While doing this, your locs will automatically form coils. Next, wrap them in a bun at the crown of your head. Secure them with the big elastic band on your wrist while leaving out a few locs to frame your face. After that, gently pull some locs in your bun to add more volume. That is how the big beehive energy style is created. This hairstyle is quite versatile, as you can rock it for any occasion or event.
Halfway up, halfway down

2. Halfway up, halfway down

One way of styling your faux locs is to create the halfway up, halfway down style. This hairstyle is suitable for hangouts or date nights. To start with, gather about two to three rows of locs from the front section and either secure it in a ponytail or twist it into a topknot. Secure the knot with an elastic band or a ponytail holder. Leave the back section of the hair hanging loose to achieve the charming look below...

The High ponytail

3. The High ponytail

Everyone is probably used to throwing their faux locs into a ponytail. But why don't you try the new high ponytail for a change? The beautiful thing about this style is that you can rock it to dinner, an awards night, or even corporate events. Creating this style is quite easy, quick and efficient. Gather all your locs to the front, move them a bit to the side, and secure them into a ponytail with an elastic band. If your locs are short, you can leave them loose like that. However, if they are long, you might have to wrap them in a bun, especially if you are rocking them to the office or any official gathering.

Space Buns

4. Space Buns

One simple and cute hairstyle for your faux locs is the space buns. You can rock this style to your office to any unofficial hangout with your friends. To create this style, you have to part your hair into two sections horizontally. You only need the front section for the look, so leave the back section hanging loose. Then part the front section into two again, this time vertically, which means you will part it at the center. Starting with one section, pack it into a ponytail; after that, you can now wrap it into a bun. Secure the bun with a bobby pin or a ponytail holder. Repeat that on the other section of the front part. Voila! You have successfully created the space buns style.

Messy bun

5. Messy bun 

Another basic way of styling your faux locs is to create a messy bun. To make this style, you only need to hold your hair into a ponytail and wrap the ponytail into a loose bun. You can use an elastic band or bobby pins to hold down the bun. To make your look more interesting, you can decide to accessorize it with some luxurious hair accessories. On the other hand, you can wrap a colourful scarf in the form of a headband around your messy bun. This will add more colour to it. You can either rock this style to the office or unofficial outings, such as hangouts with friends and date nights.

You make me wanna swoop

6.  "You make me wanna swoop" style

Another beautiful way of styling your faux locs is by swooping it to the side, hence the name "you make me wanna swoop". Creating this style is easy.  Section your hair into two horizontally. Secure the back section with a ponytail holder. Then go ahead to part the front section into two, making sure one section is bigger than the other. The smaller part containing about six to eight locs should be draped over the ear towards the back. Then secure it with bobby pins, this will help form a perfect side swoop. Pull the other front section towards the back, then pack it all to join the side swoop and secure it with an elastic band. That's it! You have created this gorgeous style. The beauty of this style is that it is quite versatile. This means that you can rock it to any event or occasion.
Final Thoughts
We hope that this guide has helped you find new ways to style your faux locs. As you can see, there are numerous styling options available,  and you can change your style as often as you want to get the most out of your HC faux locs.

6 reasons why you should get HC faux locs: 

  • Different Style to pick from (see above)
  • Drop-dead gorgeous
  • Surprisingly lightweight 
  • Easy to install
  • Allow locs without the commitment 
  • Protective hairstyle 
Give them something to speak about as you thrive, take on the world, and let your hair be a part of your statement.