About Us

Humphrey's Collection is heavily influenced by black women’s awareness of the new generational faux locs, allowing for the ‘look without the commitment’.

We believe that faux locs deserve the luxury element aesthetic that all other Eurocentric hairstyles entertain, and Humphrey’s is here to deliver.

Humphrey's Collection primary focus is to further encourage and celebrate the sheer acceptance of black hairstyles in our society by providing high-quality yet affordable luxury hair. This is because we truly believe that ‘it’s not just hair, it’s your crown’, as our hair whether we want it to or not, makes a statement.

Our natural hair defies gravity.

As our natural hair defies physics we develop beautifully diverse styles because our hair permits us to.

We, black women, recognise the versatility of our natural crown and what earlier generations had to stand firm for us to truly display our beautiful hair today.

So pluck the courage and experience the remarkable forms of our hair that are always statement-worthy.

Get all the essentials for your full HC headset straightforward installation with our HC locs kit which includes all the immediate recommendations for your flawless faux locs.

The mission is to look unapologetically flawless, SO, let’s go!