Our Faux Locs Kit: The touch of luxury

The creation of HC Locs Kit centres around a core principle: the embodiment of luxury. This distinguishing factor sets it apart from other faux locs companies that often neglect this aspect in their products. Crafted by women of colour, for women of colour, we intimately understand the profound emotional connection woven into the very products we represent. In this pursuit of representation, nothing less than the epitome of excellence is warranted, and Humphrey's Collection stands as the embodiment of this commitment.

Our mission at Humphrey's Collection surpasses conventional hair retail; it evolves into a holistic service that is unparalleled in the faux locs industry. The hallmark of our approach is founded in its inclusivity, encompassing all essential elements for a successful faux locs installation. Inside the HC Locs Kit, we furnish a comprehensive array of tools, all orchestrated to ensure the success of your locs installation journey. From our dedicated emphasis on hair care, exemplified by our nourishing argan oil, to the thoughtful inclusion of satin silk bags to safeguard your hair, HC Locs is resolutely committed to ensuring a comprehensive and exceptional hair experience for you.

At the very core of our pursuits is an unyielding dedication to ensuring your utmost contentment. Infused within the essence of Humphrey's Collection is an aspiration to craft a faux locs brand that invites each person to bask in the embrace of hair opulence.

Elevating the realm of faux locs, our luxury collection presents an exquisite array of premium extensions, meticulously crafted to amplify your hair beauty. Each piece of locs is a testament to our commitment to precision and meticulousness, resulting in a flawlessly authentic appearance. Crafted from the most refined synthetic fibres, our extensions replicate the texture and essence of real locs. Immerse yourself in the versatility our luxury collection offers, boasting a spectrum of enchanting styles and shades.

Become a part of our faux locs collection, where a realm of choices awaits to embrace your individuality. From cascading, luxuriously lengthy locs to the sleek allure of shorter variants, our assortment caters to your unique preferences.

Within this curated range, a captivating palette of shades unfolds: envision the warm embrace of 26-inch butterscotch locs, the timeless sophistication of twilight black locs at the same length, and the audacious vibrancy of flame curly locs. These hues serve as your personal canvas, inviting you to articulate your distinctive style.

We deeply value enduring quality, and this ethos forms the bedrock of our luxury faux locs collection. These faux locs embody not only opulence but also stand the test of time to become your steadfast choice for everyday styling. 

In essence, our faux locs kit embodies a synthesis of purpose. The creation of our HC Locs Kit brings a new era, one where luxury and heritage converge seamlessly. Fueled by our aspiration to elevate self-representation and product quality in the realm of faux locs, HC Locs stands as a testament to the fusion of legacy and innovation. Through the careful intertwining of each individual strand, a rich tapestry comes to life. This intricate design serves as the cornerstone of our endeavour to reshape and elevate the faux locs experience. Our commitment extends beyond the essential faux locs, encompassing an array of advantageous elements like hair accessories, a meticulously designed HC crochet hook, HC argan oil, and thoughtfully crafted satin bags, all dedicated to nurturing your hair. It is precisely this comprehensive approach that highlights why the HC Locs Kit is the ultimate choice for you. To purchase our faux locs in the UK, please click here.